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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 25, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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the hard job. you need the best. >> i didn't think it was going to be such a difficult job. it really its. the pace is very quick. let's do politics right now. the republicans campaign reset six weeks to election day. mitt romney and paul ryan teaming up in ohio for the start of a three-day bus tour. important political territory. voters in ohio could deter men who wins the november election. polls now show the president hold a slight lead. president obama is right here in new york today where he will speak to the u.n. general assembly. yesterday, the president and first lady taped an interview which will air late tire day on "the view" and the interview comes 42 days before the election. barbara walters has a preview. >> governor romney on 60 minutes was asked, does he think it is fair that he pays a lower tax rate than somebody making $50,000 a year. he said yes. i think it is fair. and i also think that's the way you get economic growth. i have just got a different
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vision about how we grow an economy. i think, barbara, you grow an economy from the middle out, not from the top down. >> reporter: we asked the president and first lady about their future, win or lose, come election day. what are you going to do with the rest of your life? >> well, first things first. we do have -- we do have an election ahead. and i've got, all kinds of things i want to do in a second term. putting folks back to work, making sure our schools are up to snuff, and -- we've got another -- war to wrap up. >> then? >> i love teaching. i miss teaching. you know i am not sure it will necessarily be in a classroom. the idea of being able to go around in various cities and helping to create mentorships and apprenticeships, just, giving young people the sense of possibility. and opportunity. >> she should run for office. but she said she doesn't want
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to. >> look, i mean, michelle would be terrific, but temperamentally, i just don't think -- >> no, it is absolutely true. it take is a lot of patience to be the president of the united states. i'm not that patient. >> michelle obama, not that patient. well you can see the entire interview later this morning on "the view." secretary of state hillary clinton here in new york for the u.n. general assembly talking about the wave of anti-american anger in the middle east. urging muslims to display dignity and not resort to violence after the film that lampoons the prophet muhammad. clinton met with the leaders of afghanistan, pakistan, libya and egypt. in suburban den version the movie theater where july's shooting massacre took place will be opening. a dozen killed. 60 wounded in the attack. the mayor of aurora, colorado, says an online survey shows residents believe the theater should reopen. victims' families and community
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leaders were consulted. an update now on the tragic death of that baby panda at washington's national zoo. initial tests show that the week-old-cub had liver abnormalities and fluid in its abdomen. could be another two weeks before the cause of death is determined. zookeepers confirm the mother did not crush her cub. she spent the night cradling a stuffed toy about the size of her newborn. >> she was distraught apparently. a wildfire burning out of control in southern california blamed for one death. fire fight efrz found the victim in a burned out house in rural san diego county. 20 homes had burned to the ground. ten others damaged. the fire is 10% contained. more gusty winds are expected to day. amtrak is going for some speed records in these overnight hours. along its usually busy northeast corridor. the train service operating tests at 165 miles per hour. it is taking place in four stretches of track between
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maryland and massachusetts. tests are being performed before a possible increase in speed limits along the heavily traveled route. the current speed limit for passenger trains is 150. here is a story that is dear to my heart. brace yourself for a worldwide shortage of bacon. and you can blame mother nature. here in the u.s., the supply of pork is up 31%. compared to last year. that's because, farmers were forced to scale down herds. the drought killed the corn and soy beans fed to pigs. making the animals just too expensive to keep. also, forget about imported bacon, because pig farmers in europe scaled back as well, leading to what is a global bacon shortage next year. >> why didn't we lead with the story? >> this is -- unbelievable. >> farmers are saying they were losing money on every pig. so. >> and now what about bacon lovers like myself. >> i love bacon. sunny takes it to another level.
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bacon connoisseur, freak, whatever. would you eat turkey bacon? >> fake bacon, facon? >> turkey bacon is not real bacon, john. >> it's not bad. you are not a fan. >> facon. >> desperate. i can do turkey bacon. >> i can't do it. high in sodium anyway. if you are going to take a hit -- take the real bacon. delightful, delicious. >> pony up extra and get real bacon. >> i would. i would. >> black market. go under the bridge, score bacon? >> i would. thunderstorms, from oklahoma to ohio. rain could move in this evening in western pennsylvania, upstate new york. showers from orlando down to miami. showers around the rockies and four corners region. >> 76, billings. 66, salt lake city. 70s, omaha to indianapolis. and the northeast. mostly 80s in the south. and we have some wonderful news to share about a colleague who co-anchored "world news now"
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in the not too distant past. >> congratulations to diana perez on delivering devon rodgers. held there by diana's husband deuces. >> works at our philadelphia nation. devon arrived at 9:36 a.m., with a full head of hair, weighing 7 pounds, 13 ounces. dad is a sports anchor, dreaming big dreams. and everyone is healthy and happy. congratulations to them. >> and i can't believe that she anchored this show, what two weeks ago? >> two weeks ago. >> right before i gave birth two weeks i was such a whale. i mean, i gained like 70 pound. i was uncomfortable. >> probably up watching right now. she will not sleep for another what, six month sntz. >> couple months. she looked good. you looked good. >> yeah. yeah. >> i'm impressed. >> she looked good. congratulations. coming up the trip from the fashion runway to style magazines to your wardrobe. >> outrage at the atm.
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♪ ♪ sing it, sunny. i don't know. >> we are all paying more money to get our money. >> atm fees at all-time highs,
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just part of a larger trend. abc's matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: nationwide, bank fees are on the rise and they're hitting you right in the atm. awe hoop how much did you pay? $3? a new report from consumer group shows atm fees at record highs, up 4% since 2011. every time you use an atm from a bank not your own, you are getting charged an average of $2.50. what does it feel look trying to access your own money and having to pay to access your own money does that bother you? >> yeah, i think it's wrong. >> reporter: most expensive city, denver, new york, seattle, san francisco. but that's not all. your own bank can hit you with fees when you use another bank's atm. for the first time ever you might be spending over $4 per transaction. and other fees are also on the rise. the free checking account is becoming a dinosaur. in 2009, banks offered 76% of
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all customers free checking. today, 39%. and newt report also shows checking account fees up 25% since 2011. now averaging $65 a year. >> they're going up at a very rapid case and that's unlikely to change. >> reporter: the american bankers association counters that the average bank account costs them $350 a year. they say they warned new regulations would end up costing consumers more and that's just what happened. matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> just doesn't seem right. >> it's ridiculous. the story was biggy, biggy smalls. >> biggy? >> fascinating, as you mention you have to pay money to get your money. in this economy shouldn't banks want to be great corporate citizens? >> you would think? >> and help people. >> instead of nickeling and dimg us. keep the profit margins up. monthly service fees on checking
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accounts $5.48. up 25% from a year ago. >> i will switch my bang -- bank in a minute. >> the holy grail, new york's fashion week. >> up next, how the reach of fashion goes far beyond the runway. you are watching "world news runway. you are watching "world news now.hi, i'm jon secada. did you know that chronic hepatitis c affects approximately one million hispanic americans? each story is different, but for at least 20 years my father never said how sick he was getting. he stayed silent, never talked over the options with his doctor. if he had, maybe i'd be vivisitg him at home, instead of here. if you still think there's strength in silence, talk to your doctor about your options and learn re at tune in to hep c dot com.
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well fashion week may be over here in new york, but fashion editors are just getting started as the hottest looks move from the catwalks to all those glossy pages. >> we tagged along with the team from glamour and learned that editors aren't just inspired what they see on the run ways they're also looking to the streets. paula faris brings us the story. >> reporter: new york fashion week. while most cameras were pointed at the catwalks, glamour's photographer has his trained on the crowds.
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>> she has been standing out here all day long. >> reporter: capturing images for dos and don'ts, the magazine's most popular franchise. >> dos/don'ts, glamour's most popular franchise, the most important one, publishing as long as the magazine, more than 70 years. >> reporter: a simple idea, showing what stylish women are wearing and what works and what doesn't. if you make the page you are either a fashion, do in which case you are all good. or a fashion don't, and you end up covered with the dreaded black bar. >> this is one of my favorites, the red leather dress. a trend we weren't expecting to see pop up in so many places. there are so many ways it can go horribly wrong. a couple ways it can be amazing and look right. >> reporter: before fashionistas end up in print, roddy find them on street corners at the hottest fashion events, capturing the trend even before people knew they were trendy. >> been doing the fashion dos
2:51 am
and don't for glamour, 13 years, going on 14. and it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: so what is hot this fall? >> little things here and there that are the trivend the yeends. i have been seeing accessories, jewelry on people. a lot of big necklaces. >> reporter: according to glamour, bright colors and tights. but be careful how you wear them. because the glamour style shutter bugs are on the lookout. >> stake out everywhere. you never know where i will be in new york. so watch out. >> reporter: paula faris, abc news, new york. >> i grew up in new york. and i, the thought of being the fashion don't, with the big black thing across your face it was just like, horrifying to me. >> someone like you will never be a fashion don't. now we have to live in fear of that guy. >> unbelievable. >> there you go, what do you think? >> you know what it's doable. it's doable. >> i better hit the gym. >> too sexy, john.
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too sexy for a tie. i see you have a tie on today. >> donned the tie. some people have been saying lose the tie. every now and then. >> lose the shirt. clearly lose the shirt. >> we're running out of time. septic disasters are disgusting and costly, but avoidable.
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brings your dishwasher back to life. dishwasher buildup, cloudiness, spots, even tough stains-- gone ! so don't give up. add finish power up. wow ! see the difference. all right, time nor "the mix." take on a parental issue. some times. i remember asking my mom, who is your favorite. i came from a family of seven kids. who is your favorite? i want to hear me. i love you all the same. i would grill her. i would grill her. she loved us all the same. >> i was the favorite. the only. >> the one and only. apparently, a father, sparking a backlash, after revealing he loves one of his sons more. a father admits he favors one of his children, on a parenting blog. and spurred dismay and anger. buzz bishop, canadian radio host, and daddy blogger, admit if you have a favorite kid. he said, yes, i have a favorite son. not ashamed to admit it.
2:56 am
pointed out he doesn't give the 5-year-old preferential treatment over charlie who is 2. i don't let him get away with anything because he is my pick. i just like him better. do you think it is devastating? >> i think so, it is terrible. i have two children, a boy and a girl. one is older. one is younger. the love is the same. i don't have a favorite. i can honestly. >> does one drive you more nuts than the other? and things like that? >> yeah. they're cool. like they're both cool in different ways. the love is exactly the same. mm, shame on you, dad. i don't like that. i don't like that. well, san francisco, talking about consolation prizes is now considering allowing the nation's tiniest microapartments. >> little small ones. >> 115 square feet of living space, 220 when you add, bathroom, kitchen and closet. you know, they're, they're saying that they're being hailed
2:57 am
as a pivotal option for single people. you know what is going to happen, john. with this economy. they're going to cram people in there. >> it is expensive there. >> it is very expensive there. new york is trying it as well. and boston. i don't know. >> hey, we all started fresh out of school. >> i could live there. >> i used to. and try to guess somebody's pin. don't use, 1, 2,3, 4. apparently, 1, 2, 3, 4 will work 10% of the time. if you have an atm card. 10 times out of 100 it will work. >> who does that? 1, 2, 3, 4. >> 10 out of 100 do. >> who is watching, using that. change it. last but not least. you know ed o'neill, tv character from "modern family" and the other show "married with children." well we have some pictures. apparent low he was reading the newspaper, that's right. and, on "married with children" and turns out he is reading the
2:58 am
same newspaper on "modern family." know why,
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this morning on "world news now" -- six weeks away until election day. president obama making a major address on the global stage. >> while republican challenger, mitt romney, reenergizes his campaign with a bus tour through a key battleground state. it is "your voice, your vote" on this tuesday, september 25th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, i'm john muller. >> i'm sunny hostin. paula and rob are on assignment. we'll got to presidential politics and the first couple's appearance on "the view" in our top story. then to southern california where high school students and
3:01 am
soccer coach under arrest in a hazing scandal. we will bring you those details. they're disturbing. also this morning, the plan to passion out the so-called morning-after contraceptive pill to students as young as 14 years old. what administrators and parents have to say about this. i am just not quite sure what i feel. >> this is a tough one. a lot of opinions. we'll talk about it. a new glimpse inside john f. kennedy's presidency through secret recordings made in the oval office. his haunting words in an abc news exclusive. first, president obama steps on to the world stage today with a speech off to the united nations general assembly. >> he is expected to focus on the nuclear threat from iran and the wave of violence and unrest that has spread across the middle east. and the speech comes with exactly 42 days, six weeks, until election day. abc's jake tapper reports. >> reporter: as president obama arrived in new york city, mitt romney was focussed on comments the president made to "60 minutes" about whether recent events in the muslim world gave
3:02 am
mr. obama pause about supporting the arab spring movements. the president said no. >> i was pretty certain and continue to be pretty certain that they're going to be bumped in the road. >> reporter: in colorado, the republican nominee berated the president accusing him of downplaying syria's threat. >> he said developments of the middle east are bumps in the road. yeah, that was my reaction. bumps in the road? we had a, we had an ambassador assassinated. >> reporter: the white house insisted the president was referring broadly to transformation in the region. >> there is a certain rather desperate attempt to grasp at word and phrases here to find political advantage. and in this case that's profo d profoundly offensive. >> reporter: the debate before an international backdrop, iran's nuclear weapons program. and its potential threat to u.s. ally israel. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad flashed a peace sign
3:03 am
at the u.n., but war is on the front burner. one of his generals discussed launching a preemptive strike against israel if the jewish state is poised to attack. the didilemma, what would the u. do if a nuclear iran threatened or attacked israel or if israel preemptively attacked iran. romney is using the many challenges in the region to paint the president as weak. >> look at the entire context, the assassination, 20,000 people killed, in syria, iran close to becoming a nuclear nation, these are far from being bumps in the road. >> reporter: the president responded with a challenge of his own. >> if governor romney is suggesting we should start another war, he should say so. >> reporter: tuesday morning, president obama will address the united nations general assembly, a senior official says the president will reiterate his firm commitment to making sure iran does not obtain a nuclear weapon. jake tapper, abc news, traveling with the president at united nations. >> while the president and first lady were here in new york, they
3:04 am
stopped by to talk to the lady of "the view." michelle obama discussed her future plans which both were quick to emphasize they do not include elected office. >> she should run for office, but she said she doesn't want to. >> yeah, no. >> i -- i -- i mean, michelle would be terrific. but, temperamentally, i just don't think -- >> it is absolutely true. it takes a lot of patience to be the president of the united states. i'm not that patient. >> now, after his presidency is finished whether this year or in 2016, mr. obama said that he would look to work with kids in the next phase of his life. i love that. everybody thought he made a diss. no, no. he is absolutely right. they know each other. >> clearly know each other very well. and i actually would agree with the ladies of "the view" i think michelle on would be fantastic as some as a member of elected office. it is also interesting, they,
3:05 am
the president, sort of caught a lot of flak saying, this is a big political week, all heads of state,ere in the nework at the u.n. and you are like, you know, hanging out with the lady of "the view." my response is, hey he is the president. he needs to speak to the viewers. this is an election year. i think he can do more things than a lot of thing at once. a multitasker. >> he snuck it in. he snuck in 20 minutes of his day. sure he did a lot of all other things he is being criticized for. the president was asked if a romney presidency would be a disaster? he replayed saying the nation can survive a lot. but this nation, in his words wants to thrive. >> so diplomatic. we know romney will be on "the view" in october. four teens are under arrest. a soccer coach has been suspe suspended in a hazing scandal in a high school near los angeles. more than 70 people have been questioned after several soccer playser at the high school said they were attacked on school
3:06 am
ground. a sex crimes unit is investigating allegations that a coach lured younger boys to a room where older players tried to assault victims with a foreign object. >> fought so are, he grabbed this piece of javelin, grabbed it with both of his hand like this, squeezing it so hard. >> this is intolerable. and our district cannot -- tolerate this. >> the abuse allegedly occurred late last spring. but police are looking into several years of the la puente high school soccer program. new york city now supplying the morning after pill to teens at a dozen high schools. students as young as 14 can get the emergency pill, plan b, without telling their parents. part of an expanded pilot program, aimed at curbing teen pregnancy rate. reaction so far has been mixed. >> the morning after pill, that's more unprotected sex. >> they're old enough. i think a good idea.
3:07 am
>> the morning after pill can prevent pregnancy taken up to 72 hours after unprotected text. parents can opt out, to prevent children from receiving the pill without permission. less than 2% of parents have done so. an interesting last point. the parents could say no, you can't do this to my kid beforehand. under any circumstance stant. 2 out of 100. >> may have something to do with statistics. in new york city alone, more than 7,000 girls become pregnant by age 17. 7 t significant. >> such a tough one. clearly it can stop unwanted pregnancies. but these people, 14 some of them, and do parents have the right to know? is it the job of the school system? >> i want to know. i want to know. i hope that my children will comfortable enough to talk to me about these things. >> not all children have moms as wonderful as you. >> my children are never going to have sex. >> never, ever. >> no. stunning end to last night's monday night football game on the game's final play.
3:08 am
the seahawks throw a hail mary into the end zone against the packers. seahawks, push a defender over. a defensive back seems to have possession. interception right? not so much. the replacement refs call it a touchdown. after the review, the call stand. and the seahawks win the game, 14-12. needless to say. calls for the nfl to settle the lockout with real referees are growing only louder. >> now, on to money news. a major credit card company is going to be paying big fines in a settlement after federal investigators uncovered shady practices. regulators say discover bank pressured customers into buying expensive add-on services and enroll them without permission. discover will pay $14 million in fines. it will reimburse $200 million. 3.5 customers are part of the settlement. four days after the iphone 5 hit stores there is word apple-related crimes are soaring. here in the big apple, police
3:09 am
say thefts so far this year involving apple products have jumped 40%. while overall crime rate is up 4%. since the start of the year, there have been more than 11,000 reports of apple products stolen in new york city. now to the record breaking iphone numbers. apple says more than 5 million aye phones, were sold in the first three days. a million more than iphone 4 launch. below estimates. not good enough for wall street. after hitting an all-time high friday. apple shares slipped 1%. demand for iphone 5 is still exceeding sa play. how can something be a runaway hit and be below demand. boggles the mind. >> are you going to get one? >> one of these days, yes. when, i don't know. >> still rocking the blackberry. >> the blackwery. >> we are both parents. we understhand what it is like to be awake in the middle of the night with a crying baby. >> we do. check out how one couple gets the little guy to calm down.
3:10 am
awesome. yeah, the theme from "star wars" mom says it works every time. the kid cries. >> we all knew the force was strong. who knew it was that strong? >> this is totally awesome. watch it. there it is. i love that. >> oh. >> whatever works right? >> a kid after my own heart. i am a sci-fi fan. >> did you see all the "star wars?" >> awful thll of them. i can watch them over and over. >> may the force be with you. >> i'm are your father. what was going on during the j.f.k. presidency until the end. >> later, understanding the number one cancer in women. what scientists discovered about breast cancer could save lives. you are watching "world news now."
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that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. well there is a new and
3:15 am
fascinating look inside the oval office of john f. kennedy. >> president kennedy, like several presidents before and after, installed two recording devices in the office and captured hundreds of hours of history making decisions and moments in his family life. >> now the new book has details of those conversations. diane sawyer has more. >> i remember really clearly being under the desk and making necklaces and trying to get candy from the grownup whose were around. >> reporter: caroline kennedy says it hears wonderful to hear him laughing when she walks in demanding attention. >> i won't let you do much. >> reporter: that sound is little john, pounding under the desk, no idea he is hitting a microphone. his father just relaxed. >> i was really like being in his company wheel you are listening. that was really a wonderful
3:16 am
feeling for me. rancheros wh >> reporter: what you hear on the tape is a man possibly calm in a crisis. intelligence discovered the soviets placed nuclear missiles inside cuba aimed at the u.s. >> how far advanced is is this. >> wavy avenue neve've sefr see installation before. >> reporter: but nowhere are the tapes more moving and revealing than as the secret witness to the struggle for civil rights. the great moral issue tearing the country apart. and after a young man named james meredith creates a crisis by enrolling in the all white university of mississippi. >> mr. president, please, why don't you, can't you give an order. >> how can i remove him, governor when there's a riot in the street.
3:17 am
>> kennedy sent in the u.s. marshals and the national guard to restore order and james meredith became the first black graduate of ole miss. then 11 days before he is assassinated. >> tuesday, november 12th. >> the last words on the last tape are about the hard battle ahead. >> and so our lot becomes more difficult. >> our lot becomes more difficult. and that's it. last word. >> i love that. i think that's really, i thought the was really moving. and obviously, knowing what happened. he understood how difficult awf all of this really was. >> wow. >> fascinating stuff. 260 hours worth of the tapes. >> just fascinating. fascinating.
3:18 am
apparently after his assassination it was immediately dismantled. the families kept the tapes until 1976 and gave them to the archives. wonder if the practice is going on. >> she felt it was thrilling to hear. back there with her dad. like he was here. >> i felt lick ke he was there. >> missiles, missiles, missiles. doodling missiles. >> especially the calm he had. that that -- that temperament. i was impressed by that. >> me too. up next, one of the largest studies ever, they have made research in breast cancer. >> you are watching "world news now."
3:19 am
3:20 am
♪ your mother your sister your wife ♪ ♪ i run for you and me my friend ♪ >> one of the most persistent and most ruthless killers of women and one of the biggest public health battles of our time. just last year, breast cancer killed nearly 40,000 women. >> now the results of a new study could lead to more effective treatments. as abc's reporter explains, it will take some time. >> reporter: the new study published in the journal "nature" is the largest of its kind ever conducted looking at breast cancer on the jen itting level, mapping the origins of the disease by analyzing tumors from hundreds of patients. some experts are calling it a major step forward. >> it is going to give us a lot of information we are going to use to understand cancer better and design better cancer treatments. >> reporter: the study confirmed that breast cancers fall into four distinct categories, and some times act like other cancers. abc's chief health and medical
3:21 am
editor, dr. richard besser says that for women suffering from suze orm -- some forms of the disease. >> some are like ovarian cancer. >> this is a very important road map of the genes that go wrong. >> reporter: but cautions dr. larry norton of new york's memorial sloan kettering cancer center the road map is not complete. >> like a map that has cities, villages and towns but doesn't have all the roads and bridges and stop signs. so, there is a lot that we have to do to connect the dots. >> reporter: experts say that for mao most breast cancer patients will have to wait for clinical trials and dozens of drug studies. that process can take ten years or more. >> another ten years. i mean? >> seems like a long time doesn't it? >> seems like a long time when you are talking 40,000 women that have died.
3:22 am
according to many breast cancer experts these findings confirm that cancers need to be treat add cording to their genetic components rather than their location in the body. so, at least that sort of advances the research a bit further i thin tick. >> outstanding. coming up, the all-star, stars. it's time to change the way we clean. it's time to free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love. new lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs.
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>> after 14 seasons, you probably know the plot for "dancing with the stars." >> the show decided to try something. it's bringing back the best of the best. they took to the dance floor hours ago. abc's brandi hitt has more on the premier in los angeles. >> reporter: good morning, john, sunny. a packed house for "dancing with the stars" and the competition after the first night is going to be fierce. the best of the best, hit the dance flr foor for dancing withe stars all stars. >> the judging is going to be a little tougher. >> reporter: you can tell contestants this year are in it to win it. six winners are competing against seven other whose fell short of the mirror ball trophy. because these stars have so much dancing experience already, the judges are awarding tough scores this season. >> 7 1/2. >> 7 1/2. >> 7 1/2. >> reporter: every half point could make the difference
3:27 am
between two stays and who goes home. for week one, the stars either dance the fox trot. ♪ or the cha-cha. ♪ for frz thethere were plenty faces in the crowd, sarah palin returned to cheer on bristol. we'll find out who will be the first to go home tonight. john, sunny. >> emmitt smith, shaking his bonn-bonn. >> he can move. >> can you move like that? >> no, i wish. >> are you sure, i think you can? >> a static photo. i look pretty good. nah. i missed that, my training, dance never got in there. >> we need to have dancing with the "world news now" anchors. >> i bet you, you can. sunny hostin, you can dance. >> i can shake my bonn-bonn, yes. that's the news for this half-hour. remember to follow us on facebook at
3:28 am
>> see you in a little bit.
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on this morning on "world news now" -- campaign countdown. the candidates sharpen their focus with exactly six weeks to go. >> mitt romney rolls into battleground territory while president obama has a date on the world stage. it is tuesday, september 25th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good tuesday morning. i'm sunny hostin in for paula faris. >> i'm john muller. rob nelson is on assignment. in a moment, we'll get the latest on the speeches and stumping with 42 days until the election. from heartache to happiness. the family stunned to get their dog back. years after a hurricane that hit new orleans. also this half-hour, new outrage over corporal
3:31 am
punishment. the teenage school girls getting paddled by a male vice principal. >> sound all kind of wrong. and later -- return of "dancing with the stars," all the movers and shakers from the debut coming up in "the skinny." >> first mitt romney heads to ohio to begin a three-day bus tour with runningmate paul ryan. >> with 42 days to go, the stakes couldn't be any higher. abc's karen travers is in washington. karen? >> reporter: good morning, john. good morning, sunny. officially six weeks until election day. yesterday, mitt romney was stumping in colorado while president obama stopped by "the view." don't call it a reset, but this week, mitt romney will be aggressively storming the campaign trail. >> we are going to get this country on the right track to do what needs to be done. >> reporter: he continued his swing through colorado, the state president obama won in 2008, but is in a dead heat six weeks out from election day. in an interview with abc news, romney said voters have an important choice.
3:32 am
>> my job is to present in as clear a manner as i can, my view of how to get this economy going. and contrast it with the view of a president who is a status quo, economic model president. >> reporter: today, romney kicks off a bus tour in battleground ohio. this is the last full week of campaigning, before the presidential debates begin and take over the candidates' attention. president obama was off the campaign trail in new york for the annual united nations general assembly. but he stopped by abc's "the view" with the first lady. >> i have just got a different vision about how we grow an economy. i think, barbara, you grow an economy from the middle out, not from the top down. >> today, president obama and mitt romney will speak at clinton global initiative in new york, then it's back tohe campaign trail for both candidates. sunny, john, back to you. >> i thought it was fascinating about the interview was that the ladies suggested michelle obama would be a great public officer. i agree. >> she probably would. >> she said, "i don't have the
3:33 am
patience for something like that." >> she knows herself. >> she certainly knows herself. her husband knows her as well. he pointed that out. >> she was not offended in the least. she said "yep, i don't have the patience." you never know, never say never, right. >> he says he certainly intend to stay in the white house for the next four years. he would like to work with children after his presidency. i thought that was fascinating. >> after all the high pressure situation he's faced. good for him. wouldn't that be a nice change of pace. secretary of state hillary clinton in new york for the u.n. general assembly speaking about the anti-american uprisings in the middle east. secretary clinton urging muslims to show what she calls dignity and not result to violence over the film that makes fun of prophet muhammad. she met with leaders. afghanistan, pakistan, libya and egypt. the leader of iran is shrugging off threats of military action over his country's nuclear program. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad in new york for the u.n. session claims his country is only trying to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes. he says he is not worried about a potential strike by israel.
3:34 am
and ahmadinejad's u.n. visit is prompting demonstrations outside the manhattan hotel where he is staying. chanting protesters carried flags, signs and banners with one demonstrator saying, "ahmadinejad heads a regime that is one of the world's leading state sponsors of terrorism." >> they are saying this might be his last trip ever to america, he probably won't be president after this second term in iran. and you know there is talk he may never get another american visa. >> another visa. >> this could be the very last time he comes to new york or america for all we know. >> who knows what he is going to say. it is always so inflammatory. and one, has to think, you are the president of iran. you come to the united nations, and you make all of these inflammatory statements. do you -- do you really believe this? how is, how is this helpful to your presidency? >> clearly there is gamesmanship in every rhetorical speech. whether he believes 100% of the things he says. i don't know.
3:35 am
you know, clearly he is trying to push buttons. he succeeds in doing that doesn't he? >> sure does. >> have to wait and see what he says this week. things are getting back to normal at dulles airport outside washington. police closed two parking garages last night in reaction to a bomb threat. nothing was ever found in the garages. they have been reopened. some flights were delayed. the airport is open and operating. the fbi is looking into the police killing of an unarmed wheelchair-bound amputee in houston. the police officer who fired the fatal shot says he was cornered by the wheelchair and feared his partner was threatened. it turned out the dead man was holding only a ballpoint pen. civil rights groups says it is just another example of excessive force. >> this man wants us to believe that a man in a wheelchair with a writing pen in his hand was such a threat that you felt deadly force was necessary. >> the victim apparently suffered from mental health issues and had become agitated and angry before police were called.
3:36 am
a former university of alabama professor who admitted she gunned down three colleagues faces life in prison. amy bishop pled guilty, being spared the death penalty, she pled guilty and was. bishop did not speak in court. her attorneys say she was sorry for the victims and families. still, she could face a trial in massachusetts charged in the 1986 killing of her 18-year-old brother. it looked like high tide at a north florida beach in more ways than one. bales of marijuana washing ashore. swimmers, as you see, were all too happy to help out. diving into the choppy waters to retrieve 150 pounds of pot. officials say the drugs came from an unmanned smuggling boat that capsized near jacksonville, about three weeks ago. look at that. how helpful. look how helpful everyone is being. diving into the cold water doing their, you know, citizens' duty. >> high tide. i like that. >> how about that? hmm, interesting. here is your tuesday forecast. showers around denver, salt lake
3:37 am
city and helena. thunderstorms from northern oklahoma, into kansas city and the ohio valley. by this evening, moving into pittsburgh and buffalo. showers from orlando, southward. mostly 80s in the southeast. 70s from chicago to the northeast. 60s from fargo to detroit. upper 90s in phoenix. time for the long and short on the long story of shorty. get that? >> well, shorty is a poodle in north carolina. he was brought there, by a family from new orleans who fled the gulf coast as hurricane gustav approached. >> while they were there, they gave shorty up for adoption. fast forward to two weeks ago, shorty was found on the side of the road, dirty, fleas, and alive. his microchip led care givers to call his original owners. >> i get this call that shorty has been found on the streets of north carolina and i'm shocked and my kids are in disbelief. >> so shorty is going to be sent back to new orleans. vets say it will be a couple weeks before shorty is ready to
3:38 am
travel. several offers have already been made to drive shorty home. but, you know what? what disturbs me? >> what disturbs me? >> they gave shorty up for adoption. >> yeah, apparently their living situation in north carolina was such they couldn't keep shorty. it was kind of like in a forced adoption, and nobody knows how he ended up on the side of the road. poor shorty has been through a lot. hope he gets to eat people food. for -- the rest of his days. >> 15. >> 15 years old. >> how about that? >> let him go out in style. >> i have a 14-year-old. my dog doesn't look as chipper. >> shorty is in good shape for 15. >> really good shape. >> what is that -- 90 or something for a dog? >> still cooking -- kicking rather. just not so high. >> not so high. all right. good luck, shorty. coming up, the recording star who has not one, but two stolen sex tapes. >> a texas school girl paddled by male administrators and teachers on campus. their complaints about a controversial punishment are heard loud and clear. you are watching "world news now."
3:39 am
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this easy-to-underand guide will answer some of your questions, and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. ♪ ♪ >> the school board in texas will change its student discipline policy after an out cry over spanking. it all started after two girls were disciplined by a male vice
3:43 am
principal. >> apparently the problem was not the punishment itself, it was who administered it. abc's ryan owens explains. >> reporter: taylor santos is a sophomore with good grades at this high school north of fort worth, texas. after she got caught helping another student cheat, taylor got a paddle to the back side. >> i still have welts on me today. >> reporter: taylor and her mother, chose corporal punishment over a day-long suspension. they're not outraged she was spanked but by who did it, her male vice principal. >> men are too big and strong to be hitting 96-pound girls. >> reporter: jada watt, a year ahead of taylor at springtown high. she admits she smarted off to the same male vice principal with the same result. >> a swat is a swat. yes, it is. and they do sting. but to bruise a child? >> reporter: texas is one of 19 states that allows corporal punishment in schools usually as long as a parent agrees. the school superintendent tells
3:44 am
abc news in both cases his administrators followed texas law. but they violated their own school policy. which states, spanking a student can only be done by an employee of the same sex. jada says not only was she paddled by a male vice principal it was observed by a male police officer. >> two men giving her a swat behind closed doors that is creepy. >> reporter: ryan owens, abc news, texas. >> the whole thing is crazy. >> the whole thing is crazy. >> not just crazy that a man is doing it. it is crazy to allow anyone to hit your child. >> there are people who will disagree. i will have to say -- i agree. crazy the concept. creepy in a smaller way. >> yeah, i just -- listen, the academy of pediatricians has come out against spanking. they say it is not healthy. and i always thought, and i prosecuted cases of child abuse. a lot of them involving spanking. what was interesting to me is if
3:45 am
an adult doesn't agree with an adult, and then hits the other adult, that is an assault. but an adult can do that to a child, someone who can't even protect themselves, who is not as strong as the adult. it doesn't make sense, people. >> preaching to the choir. there will be people out there who say, "spare the rod, spare the child." from now on parents will have to opt into authorized corporal punishment, choose whether they want a male or female staff member to administer the punishment. >> what's fascinating this school district has gotten into trouble in the past for corporal punishment, clearly hasn't learned a lesson. in 2007, a middle school coach, paddled a 12-year-old boy, so hard it left a large bruise on his thigh. which tells me that was an assault. and spurring them to restrict paddling to administrators. teachers can't do it. just administrators. and now administrators can do it, female on female violence. and male on male violence. >> "the star telegram" paper out
3:46 am
of dallas, said this district has more spankings than any other district in dallas. where there is smoke there is fire, maybe. >> i'm sure people are going to tweet us. i can't wait to hear. >> some are not going to agree. >> i want to hear it. coming up, the health scare that sent lindsay lohan to a new york hospital. >> kanye west insists somebody stole not one, but two sex tapes. "the skinny" is next. ♪ >> announcer: abc's "world
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny >> and now it's time for "the skinny." "dancing with the stars" that's right kicked off a new season. can you believe this is the 15th season? >> amazing. some seasons are double seasons. >> yeah. 15 seasons. now all-stars. we are talking about after 162 stars, more than 1,000 dances, "dancing with the stars" is back with the sort of all-star season. and so, we have people like bristol palin, pamela anderson. emmitt smith. a lot of these folks have won before. six of them have won. >> is that pam? >> i don't know if that is pam. she looks good who ever that was. >> it was. >> some of them impressed. some of them didn't. emmitt smith, shaking it, his bon-bon, really, really impressed. he really is awesome. remember he won -- the mirror ball trophy.
3:49 am
in 2006. this time, the cha-cha. check it out. boom, boom. >> wow. his cha-cha to "chain of fools" allowed him to shake his hips all over the dance floor. he got the highest score of 24.5. this season they can have half a point. >> half a point. >> the lowest -- pamela anderson. interestingly enough. did a really sexy dance. some folks in our meeting saw it. >> yes, they did. they liked it a lot. >> sandy. >> you thought it was great. >> she does look great. >> she looks really good. >> i think, some of the judges thought maybe a little too sexy. her score. 17. >> look at her though. >> she looks fantastic. >> wow. wow. >> so it started. >> yeah. >> should be a good season. >> yet again. >> i don't know who i am rooting for. >> dare we talk about, lindsay lohan. again? >> we have to. >> we have something new. tmz reporting, hospitalized, sunday night for a lung infection. according to the site, lohan has been telling friends for weeks she was suffering from walking pneumonia.
3:50 am
when things got especially bad over the weekend, she was rushed to mount sinai hospital. reporting that the actress was hit hardest by the effects of asthma. she was treated, released. doing fine. of course, she made the headlines last week after the reported hit-and-run with a pedestrian in new york. a rep says while the accident is being investigated, she will be found innocent eventually. lohan charged with leaving the scene of an accident. so -- >> i don't know what to believe anymore. lindsay, why can't she stay out of the news. stay out of the hospital. >> lindsay should -- give up driving a car. >> go to act in a movie. sing. >> and most of the problems would clear up. >> just clear up. just be in movies and sing. something like that. >> there you go. her talent is great. >> yeah. >> what you got? >> kanye. >> kanye, a doosie. >> kanye west. apparently doesn't only have one sex tape, ladies and gentlemen. he has two sex tapes. >> two is better than one. >> currently shopped to the highest bidder. apparently someone took it off
3:51 am
his computer, allegedly. >> how do you take it off somebody else's computer? >> both tapes are impressively long. the first, roughly 20 minutes. and the second is more than 40. we're talking constant action. >> yeah, i read that. there are no breaks. >> taking no breaks. i got to tell you, now he is with kim kardashian. she rose to fame after her sex tape was released. he has sex tapes of his own. >> two. >> is this a conspiracy, sex tape conspiracy? why are people still having sex on tape? why are they doing it? i don't get it? >> do you think some one released these, want them to get out to get publicity. >> yes, yes. >> how does it get off your computer, some one has it. and has it ever happened, a document anything? makes you wonder. >> lies. >> and "full house" reunion. 25 years after. we have a picture, john stamos. bob sagat-- the whole gang. >> not the whole gang.
3:52 am
>> who is missing? got a guess? >> oh. >> mary kate and ashley olsen, broke into show business toddlers. they were not there. judging by the video. the olsen twins missed the heck of a party. >> if john stamos can show up, ladies. you can show up! >> in that outfit too. we'll be right back. septic disasters are disgusting and costly, but avoidable.
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♪ ♪ one of the funniest skits on sunday night's emmy award show was a feisty performance by a 5-year-old. >> lily on "modern family" went on a one-girl prank spree and targeting her cast members with gleeful naughtiness.
3:56 am
as nick watt reports, it was all in good fun. >> and the emmy goes to -- >> reporter: all the grownups, glitz and glamour. and a 5-year-old stole the show in a taped skit. >> can you get to makeup? >> honey, i just came from makeup. >> really, yikes. >> reporter: did you have fun last night? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> because we stayed up all night. >> reporter: walking to the stage to collect best comedy with a kid who plays manny her step uncle. a modern american family. aubrey, plays lily, adopted daughter of two gay dads. >> look at the bride. all the eyes are going to be on her. >> oh [ bleep ]. >> reporter: who is your favorite person there? >> sophia. >> aubrey, you look so pretty today? >> can somebody tell me what the heck she is saying? >> reporter: you are not really mean, are you? >> no. >> reporter: but you are a good actor? >> yes.
3:57 am
>> guys, they're ready for you! >> thanks, honey. >> hey, what's up? >> reporter: she is too good. already an emmy legend aged 5. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> first of all, she is absolutely gorgeous. you can't stop looking at her. >> a cutie pie. holy cow. >> and apparently, you know this is a little girl after my own heart. she loves the jackson five. and she her eyes light up at the mention of michael jackson's "thriller." yes, you see. she can perform all the dance moves and lyrics. >> really? >> i can perform all the "thriller" dance moves as well. >> did you get called out, or was she nice to you? >> very nice to me. >> a sweetie. that's the news for this half-hour. don't miss our updates at facebook at >> and catch us on twitter. at abc@ -- use the #wnnfans.
3:58 am
>> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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